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Protect your Investments and preserve your equipment and vehicles with our Paint And Rust Coatings systems

Our Rust Coater products are specially engineered polymer products specifically designed to coat over and encapsulate rust and corrosion on weathered metal by bonding the rust to the metal to prevent any corrosive material from permeating through. Many products claim to stop rust but nothing can stop rust permanently like AGRIGUARD and AUTO-GUARD Rust and Paint products.  

Lisa Detkowski

Furniture Restoration Specialist 

“Working in the furniture restoration business both personally and professionally, I have never used a product to coat metal surfaces that delivers such high quality results. The one coat coverage and ease of use has saved me both time and money. I love this paint!"


OUR Products

AgriGuard Coating Systems durability is backed by a team of engineers with years of trusted research and product development in the paint application industry. We offer total service solution to the agricultural industry, the farmer, the equipment owner or anyone looking to for a true tested rust coating in a paint product and application. AgriGuard offers full technical support for implementation and completion of the application process, all in accordance with the ISO 12944 guideline.

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